I just love the feeling of walking into my studio late at night. A room entirely made for my creative expressions. A room where I can explode and get lost in the world of colors. 

Sometimes, I just walk i there to turn off the lights before bed. But then, my eyes catches a detail on an ongoing painting on the floor. The color tubes and brushes are spread all around the canvas. 
In that moment I get this strong feeling that I just have to stay in there for a minute. Sit down by the painting and add some details.

Hours later, when night has become morning and the birds are singing in the trees just outside the window, I realize I just spent my whole night in the studio. I didn't got any sleep. But I did got magic.

I am often most inspired to paint in the night, no matter if it is summer or winter. I have always been like that. As if something inside of me connects with the universe in the night. Gives me this urge to create.
So, I just go with the flow, and let it all out in the nights. 



It is always a special feeling when starting on a new painting. A white, untouched canvas, that soon will be filled with colors in different frequencies. I love to think that this white canvas soon will become a piece of art that never, ever has been created before. It is like creating a new world. And most of the times, I have no idea how the result will be.

When I paint I never have a clear image in my head of how I want it to turn out. It is more like a feeling inside, that I try to paint. A feeling, a mood, a story or a sense of something. I don't want to destroy it by having a clear picture in my mind. That would be like stoping the flow.

Instead, I want to paint in this mood, with this feeling and this sense, and see how the painting unfolds from every stroke from the brush. Like seeing a story come to life.

If you would have know the result and the end by the beginning, it would take away the magic.