"When I couldn't find the right words to describe the beauty of nature, I fell in love with photography. It became my way of expressing myself. And then, when I reached a point to when I couldn't capture a deeper, abstract feeling on a photo, i fell in love with painting."

It was when I left the city and moved 1000 km to the north to live a life closer to nature that something happened inside me. Something started to bloom. The creativity inside of me came to life. All because of the beautiful nature that now surrounded me instead of buildings and streetlights.
I had found my paradise where my heart felt at home. 

In a little red house, with a woodstove and a dog I began my new life. I followed the voice of my heart and started doing the things I had always dreamed of. A journey that after 6 years would lead me to living the life of my dreams.

I am Jonna Jinton. Artist, photographer and blogger.
Welcome into my little world.


Latest news


16 july 2016

Launch of new website

I can't describe in words how happy I feel to finally launch this website so that I can show my art to the rest of the world. It has been a dream for many years to focus more on painting and to share more of my creative life with you. 

I hope you will like my website and find some new inspiration here. 

Welcome to my little world!


03 june 2016

Started on summer collection

I have now started with a new collection of 6 paintings, inspired by nature during spring and summer. After painting the wintercollection with cold and icy tones it feels wonderful to start on this new collection with new, warm colors. 

Since I am inspired by nature I have also spent some time paiting out in the forest.  I love being surrounded by the beautiful colors in nature. Different shades of green mixed with the golden light from the sun. And the smell of pine and moss in every breath I take. I want to paint the feelings and vibrations of nature, so therefor I want to make them in nature.

14 april 2016


During the wintermonths I spent much time in the studio to work on my very first collections of paintings. I had a clear vision in my mind and wanted to paint with inspiration from the winter. The cold air, the blue tones, the snow, the ice, the starry nights and the northern lights. 

In the early spring I finnished my last painting in the collection. The result was 5 big paintings with the soul of a winternight.